• About Noel Christopher ADI

    Noel Christopher, qualified as:

    • GRADE 6 Approved Driving Instructor
    • Qualified Fleet Trainer
    • Approved Fleet Trainer
    • Level 4 NVQ Assessor
    • Life coach

    Has committed over many year’s since 2000 in safe driving and teaching student how to improve learning the fast way. His powerful learning strategies called Mental Visual Rehearsal Program techniques (M.V.R.P) which can increase learning to drive dramatically.

    ‘Practice doesn't make perfect but correct practice what make perfect‘

    Plus using the Narrative techniques Developed over the last two decades.
    He shows you how to:
    Step-by-step take control of your driving lessons
    How you can accelerate your learning in a short period
    Helping you in - DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO 'DRIVING'

    He also specialise in:

    Nervous driver
    Driving test fear
    Driving anxiety
    Driving phobias
    Extended driving test
    Re-Fresher lessons
    His client's testimonials, are his true reflection of his services he provides. click here for testimonials

    Finally Noel was born in India Chennai brought up in Singapore and spent his teen’s in East London have three children's, two pets.