• Car Controls

    You will need to learn all the car controls in order to use them and understand how it works. Your first driving lesson is to ensure that you have good understanding and practical knowledge, when and why to use each of the car controls. This is a in-car driving lesson, normally last about 30 minutes.

    There are mainly two of types controls:

    • Hand controls like indicators and gear change.
    • Foot controls like foot brake and gas pedal

    It is important that you are aware of them, so you have the ability to use the car controls on the move.

    On Monday 4th December 2017 the driving test is changing. One of the changes will be, the examiner will ask you as part of the ‘show me tell me questions’ on the move.

    Example 1: They might ask you to show how you will wash the windscreen using the car control and wipers.
    Example 2: How do you know your headlights are on.

    So to save yourself money and time it is a good practice to ask your family or friends who have a car, to explain about the car controls.

    The following controls are:

    • Cockpit Drill
    • Car foot controls
    • Car hand controls
    • Starting the car

    Cockpit Drill

    1. Doors
    2. Seat
    3. Seat belt
    4. Steering wheel
    5. Mirrors

    Car foot controls

    1. Accelerators (Gas)
    2. Brake
    3. Clutch

    Car hand controls

    1. Gears lever
    2. Handbrake
    3. Steering wheel
    4. Indicators

    Starting the car

    1. Carry out safety routine
    2. Handbrake on
    3. Gearstick in neutral
    4. Starting engine