• Automatic or Manual Driving Lessons

    As we say

    “It better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”


    In Britain, the vast majority of drivers learn in a manual car, where gears are selected using a lever or a stick as some call it, and a clutch pedal. This is still considered the ‘normal’ way to learn despite the growing popularity of the automatic car and driverless car on the horizon.

    If you do learn to drive in an automatic vehicle, your licence won’t entitle you to drive a manual vehicle. So you have the expense of taking manual driving lessons and sitting again for a driving test in the near future if your needs changes.

    Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of driving the automatic and manual car.

    8 Reason why you should drive a manual car:

    • learn to drive in a manual car
    • Cheaper driving lessons per hour – Typically for 1 hour cost £25 – £29
    • Passing your driving test in a manual, means you’re licensed to drive Automatic
    • It’s cheaper to buy a manual car
    • Cheaper on car insurance about 20%
    • Cheaper to maintains your car
    • Cost-effective on fuel, but this is changing
    • Manual gearboxes last longer than automatics
    • JOB PROSPECT – Most commercial vehicles drivers require a full licence – Manual

    Consider this, only around 41,000 of the 720,500 driving tests taken by UK learners are ‘automatic’ tests. Even though the number of automatic gearboxes is on the increase. It is normal to assume that someone with a driving licence will know how to drive a manual, and your friend hands over his keys to a beautiful F type Jaguar manual car and he is not fit to drive. What will you say!

    So why choose to learn in an automatic car? It’s easier and less stressful on a Bank holiday travelling in busy slow-moving traffic. This many time I wished I had an automatic car. So soon I will be changing over to driving an automatic for the first time by the year 2021.

    Automatic cars are easier to drive, as you don’t have to worry about clutch control or using a gear stick and stalling. For this reason, some people choose to learn to drive with an automatic car.
    8 Reason to consider when choosing an Automatic car
    • By 2030 the Government wants to Electric car which will be automatic
    • Higher lessons price per hour – Typically for 1 hour cost £26 – £30
    • Quicker to learn
    • Passing your driving test in an automatic, means you’re licensed to drive only Automatic
    • It’s more expensive to buy an Automatic car
    • Higher cost for car insurance about 20%
    • Higher cost for maintenance
    • Cost-effective on fuel
    • JOB PROSPECT – Most commercial vehicles drivers require a full licence – Manual

    “So if you are young and may need to work in the diving industry in the short near future consider a manual car”