• Refresher Driving Lesson Program

    All driver training programs comes with the best service in the market which caters for individual learning program and diversity.

    Refresher driving lessons will Increase confidence – many accidents are caused by indecisiveness. Drivers who are careful and confidence can deal with other drivers on the road – and how to avoid the bad drives and other road users on today's busy roads.
    Have fun and enjoy knowing you are secure behind the wheel, you can get back to the days when you actually got a buzz from driving.

    At Noel Driving School, with this course, we look after the anxious or nervous drivers, people who have not driven for a long time, or international drivers who need to become accustomed to driving on the left in the U.K – anyone in fact who knows that we all need a little help sometimes. All Refresher Courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by a DVSA professional instructor.

    The cost of a 6-hour course would be £180.00 in a manual or automatic car.